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By Sen. olugbenga Ajayi

Governance has been defined to refer to structures and processes that are designed to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, rule of law ,stability ,equity and inclusiveness, empowerment and broad based participation.

It’s however disheartening that the above arcertion is precipitously absent in our dear state.

There’s no doubt ,that the clock is tickling and the countdown to the next Election is fast approaching. There are fastidious quest and crave for leadership and good governance in Kogi state.

Many pundits and the good people of Kogi state in their well thought out search for good governance have unanimously resolved to put their supports behind Dr Bolufemi Rotimi because they believed he has the requisite skills, capacity and capability to correct the abnormalities that is bedeviling our dear state.

Before anyone can go deep into the background of this unique personality ,it’s pertinent to note that writing a compendium of biography, profile or citations of this noble and mobile encyclopedia can be a very painstaking and herculean task because of his rich,well loaded ,voluminous and outstanding profile.

Dr Bolufemi Rotimi needs no introduction in the social political landscape of Kogi state and Nigeria at large.

There are indeed so much to write about this conspicuously intelligent, capable and credible personality.

He’s a builder of men,soft minded, sensible, strong, successful business man and philanthropist.

He has made an incredible and indelible footprints in many human endeavors.

His mind blowing profiles and curriculum vitae has made him one of the pragmatic young individuals doing Kogi state proud in their respective area of expertise.

He’s a highly focused and dedicated business man who has demonstrated and shown unparalleled passion, unusual humility, unapologetic commitment, consistency and irrestibly attracted to the development of his community and also to the yearnings of his people.

It’s never an over hyping that his profile and citations stands out.

He has consistently remained a distinguished personality that is not just clamouring for good governance but he’s also wholeheartedly committed for service.

Dr Bolufemi Rotimi is an households name that is ubiquitous.

He’s eminently qualified and adroitly committed to salvage the shackles of bad governance in our dear state.

There’s no doubt that his aspirations and resolved to throw his hat into the ring for the governorship contest comes 2023 is quite reassuring and has quench the curious quest and thirst for leadership and good governance in Kogi state.

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