Ede-Akpanya Market Receives Major Facelift: Bolstering Local Economy

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In a move aimed at bolstering economic prospects and community well-being, the transition chairman of Igalamela/Odolu Local Government, Hon. Cosmas Ilemona Atabor, has spearheaded an extensive renovation initiative at the Ede-Akpanya market.

Recognizing the market’s pivotal role in the local economic landscape, Hon. Atabor stressed the importance of modernizing its infrastructure to foster economic expansion and better cater to the needs of both traders and consumers.

The unveiling ceremony showcased significant enhancements, including the construction of new stalls and shops, the installation of solar-powered lighting systems, and the upgrade of communal sanitation facilities. Additionally, funds have been allocated for the improvement of access roads leading to the market, ensuring smooth transportation of goods.

In his address, the chairman reiterated his commitment to advancing local commerce and livelihoods, garnering acclaim from various stakeholders and promising a brighter future for the market and its surrounding community.

He emphasized the overarching vision of transforming the Ede-Akpanya market into a modern, dynamic, and well-organized commercial hub, setting a standard for others in the local government area.

Furthermore, Atabor pledged to nurture a collaborative partnership between the local government and the market community, pledging to address traders’ concerns and needs through regular engagement and consultations.

“Our aim is to elevate the Ede-Akpanya market into a modern, bustling commercial center, serving as a blueprint for other markets within our jurisdiction,” Atabor concluded. “Through collective efforts, we can unlock the full economic potential of this crucial institution and enhance the well-being of our populace.”

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of local government dignitaries, community leaders, and representatives of the market traders’ association, all expressing gratitude for the chairman’s initiatives to revitalize the Ede-Akpanya market and uplift the livelihoods of its patrons.
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