Embracing a New Era: Omo Okun Liberty Association Congratulates HRM Oba Muyiwa Ibeun, the New Elulu of Mopa Land

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The Omo Okun Liberty Association (OOLA) has extended its heartfelt congratulations to HRM Oba Muyiwa Ibeun on his coronation as the 4th Elulu of Mopa Land.

In a congratulatory message, Chief Akere Owoniyi, President General of OOLA, expressed optimism for a prosperous future under the leadership of the new monarch.

With a strong emphasis on community development and the value of teamwork, Chief Akere Owoniyi highlighted the importance of unity in fostering growth, harmony, and peace in the region. The appointment of HRM Oba Muyiwa Ibeun has been met with enthusiasm and support from the members of OOLA, who are eager to work together with the new Elulu to bring about positive change in Mopa Land.

“We offer you our sincere congratulations, Your Majesty, on behalf of my humble-self & family, board of trustee, and the distinguished members of the Omo Okun Liberty Association worldwide,” Chief Akere Owoniyi stated in the message. “Do have a long, successful, and revolutionary reign.”

As HRM Oba Muyiwa Ibeun embarks on this new chapter as the Elulu of Mopa Land, the Omo Okun Liberty Association stands ready to embrace a new era of progress and prosperity in the region. Congratulations to the new monarch on this auspicious occasion.


Chief Akere Owoniyi

President General, Omo Okun Liberty Association Worldwide 19th May, 2024.

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