Engr Braimoh Olayinka; A Panacea To Kogi Greatness

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By Abbas Yahaya

Now that it’s remaining two months to Kogi gubernatorial election, I think it is important to look keenly on the primary campaign score card of all of the gubernatorial candidates.

Many events have unfolded and have continued to unfold. From the actions and inactions of most of the candidates, those who are extremely desperate for power have been exposed. From those altering the results sheets to those trying to cause chaos

But in all these exposures and evil manipulations, a man is standing out tall, clean and unstained. Engr Olayinka Braimoh is the only candidate that has not been fingered negatively in all the cancerous attitudes of upturning the good wishes of the people.

This seasoned Real Estate Manager from Okun ancestry has continued to resonate that his concern is for a free and fair general election. This has proven the gentleman in him and as such, should be given the mantle of leadership. He has remained the only candidate that has continued to interact with the people instead of finding ways to compromise the decisions of the people.

This remaining two months should be a time of sober reflection. A time to ask ourselves; DO WE REALLY WANT Action Alliance A.A TO TAKE OVER KOGI STATE ON NOV. 11? A time to reward the people of Kogi by giving them a problem solver in Engr Olayinka Braimoh. A time to correct the errors of the past 20 years. A time to echo; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Enough is Enough in the sense that the maladministration of the APC government has reduced Kogi state to nothingness.

Now the big question is; is there a way forward? And the big answer is YES. The Kabba born seasoned technocrat is a panacea against the woes of the state and treacherous leadership we have found ourselves in today Kogi that Engr Olayinka Braimoh will implant trust and confidence into leadership of the state as governor.

Let us hand over the baton to Engr Olayinka Braimoh for us because with God on his side, he will win the race for us.

It is time
Kogi will smile again

Abbas Yahaya
Multimedia and Investigative Journalist Writes from Lokoja

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