Engr. Gegu Lauds Ohimegye Igu’s Commitment to Uniting The People

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***Described Title Holders Turbaned As People Trusted, Trusted, With Proven Integrity

The Ohimegye Igu Kingdom, HRM, Alhaji Saidu Akawu Salihu has been praised for his commitment to uniting the people of the Kingdom.

The Kogi State Commissioner For Solid Minerals and Natural Resources Engr Bashiru Gegu gave the commendation at the turbaning ceremony of 25 illustrious sons of the Kingdom to fill the vacant stool of the Kingdom at a ceremony held at the Palace of the Ohimegye, Igu Koton-Karfe.

Engr. Bashiru Gegu described the Traditional Ruler, HRM Alhaji Saidu Akawu Salihu as a peace loving man, praised him for bringing his peace loving attitude to bear in uniting the people of the Kingdom.

The Commissioner described the Traditional Ruler as a peace maker and builder, pointing out that no meaningful development can take place in an atmosphere of rancour and disunity.

Engr. Gegu described the quality of persons selected as people who have been tested and trusted, said they are a people of proven integrity.

“The people of Igu Kingdom and it environs are very happy because the Traditional Ruler has done what is noble. Today is one of our most joyous day in this kingdom”.

” HRM has within the most shortest time he assumed the seat of his forefathers, performed what is gladdening the hearts of the people. Today, all the Traditional Chiefs and people of from the Kingdom are trouping in en-mass to show their solidarity because he is doing what is expected towards repositioning the Kingdom for development. This is the first of its kind. It has not been so in the time past”.

On his advice for those who have been selected and appointed, the Kogi State Commissioner For Solid Minerals and Natural Resources said, “for the people of Igu Kingdom to have beamed their searchlights on them and for them to have been so chosen and bestowed with this Traditional Titles, they have been asked to do more, by improving on the positive things that is needed to move the Kingdom forward”.

“They should toe the line of the Traditional Ruler. He has proven without mincing words that he wants peace and unity to reign supreme in the Kingdom”.

” They should strive to build on the peace, unity and developmental strides that will enable the people remain as one indivisible entity in Kogi Local Government”.

“I urge those appointed to continue to sustain and do the much they can as exemplified by the Ohimegye Igu Koton-Karfe in making peace and unity, so that the Kingdom will be the envy of all other kingdoms in the country”.

The Commissioner urged those who have emerge to see it as a call to duty to do more and for others who are yet to be recognized, to work patiently with those selected, pointing out that very soon they light will soon shine on them.

The Commissioner described the jubilation and fun fare that greeted the turbaning as an indication that the people are pleased and ready for the expected development that unity brings.

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