Engr Muritala Salau Audu Commends Reinstatement of Emir Sanusi, Predicts Bright Future for Kano

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In a show of support for the reinstatement of Muhammad Sanusi II as the 14th Emir of Kano, Aare Oodua, Engr Muritala Salau Audu has lauded the decision, stating that it will bring peace and prosperity to the state.

The return of Emir Sanusi to the throne has been met with praise from various quarters, with many believing it will restore the rich cultural heritage of the state.

Aare Muritala Salau Audu expressed his approval of the move, stating that it demonstrates the governor’s commitment to the state and its people. He believes that the reinstatement of Emir Sanusi will pave the way for a brighter future for Kano, as the monarch is known for his progressive ideas and dedication to the development of the state.

Furthermore, Aare Oodua, Engr Muritala Salau Audu congratulated Alhaji Sanusi Lamido on his return to the throne, expressing his confidence in the Emir’s ability to lead the people of Kano towards a prosperous future.

He commended the Governor of Kano State, Abba Yusuf, for making a decision that he believes is in the best interest of the state and its residents.

In all, the reinstatement of Emir Sanusi has been met with optimism and hope for a better future for Kano, with Aare Muritala Salau Audu leading the chorus of voices in support of the move.

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