Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy, Enugu, Holds Second Combined Convocation, Propels Healthcare Innovation and Manpower Development

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***Pioneering Dental Education Institution Sets New Standards At Second Combined Convocation

Enugu, Nigeria – The Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy in Enugu, will be celebrating its second combined convocation, starting from November 16, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the institution’s journey of excellence in dental education and healthcare innovation. The convocation will showcase the College’s commitment to producing highly skilled dental technologists and therapists who are making a notable impact globally.

Established in 1955 as the Federal School of Dental Technology and later relocated to Enugu in 1982, the College has been at the forefront of dental education in Africa. Over the years, it has trained top-tier professionals who have excelled both locally and internationally. Notably, four South African professors of Dental Technology were trained at the College in the mid-80s before furthering their education at Cardiff University, where they obtained PGD, MSc, and PhD degrees. Their return to South Africa pioneered a degree program in Dental Technology, which was a significant achievement for the institution.

Under the leadership of Professor John Emaimo, the Rector of the College, the institution has expanded its academic curriculum to offer degree programs in Dental Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Public Health, Prosthetics and Orthotics, and Social Work. These specialized programs provide students with unique skill sets that are in high demand, making the College a hub for cutting-edge education.

One remarkable achievement is the pioneering of Dental Nursing programs, making the College the only institution in West Africa offering training in this field. Last year, the first set of Dental Nurses graduated and were inducted into the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. Shortly after, they were promptly hired by prestigious hospitals both within Nigeria and abroad, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. This recognition solidifies the College’s impact on the global health sector.

The second combined convocation, holding from November 17 to 25, 2023, will showcase the talents and accomplishments of graduates who are poised to revolutionize healthcare in Nigeria and beyond. The week-long event will kick off with a novelty match to foster camaraderie among staff. Project commissioning will also take place on November 23, highlighting the College’s commitment to infrastructure development.

The convocation lecture, which is to be delivered by Prof. Jessy C. Uneke, Vice-Chancellor of David Umahi Federal University of Health Sciences, will center around “Building a Knowledge-based Society: The Panacea to Sustainable Development in Nigeria.” It will as well emphasize the need for continued investment in education and research to drive societal progress.

The grand finale on November 25 will see the conferment of degrees, postgraduate diplomas, diplomas, honorary degrees, and prizes on deserving recipients. Students and staff, individuals that have contributed to the development of the college community will be recognized for their remarkable accomplishments and dedication to dental education and healthcare provision.

Despite these remarkable successes, the College faces challenges such as infrastructure deficits and inadequate funding. Although substantial efforts have been made to improve infrastructure, more classrooms and offices are still needed. Accessing tertiary education funding has also proven difficult, hindering progress toward their vision.

In light of these challenges, the College calls on the appropriate authorities and education enthusiasts to support their pioneering approach to healthcare and education. Philanthropists and individuals passionate about exclusive manpower development are urged to contribute to this groundbreaking institution.

As the Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy, Enugu, continues to lead the way in dental education and healthcare innovation, it sets an inspiring example for other institutions and offers hope for a brighter future in Nigerian healthcare.

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