For Equity and fairness, Okunland should Produce the Next Governor of Kogi State in 2024. – Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi

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Astute businessman, philanthropist and Kogi State governorship aspirant, Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi in an interview session with News Hounds in Lokoja has declared that for equity and fairness, the next Governor of Kogi State should be an Okun person.

He contends that, considering the fact that the state has several ethnic groups, power rotation should be entrenched for inclusiveness and fairness. This idea of rotation has formed part and parcel of what is obtainable in most states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dr. Bolufemi posited that since the creation of Kogi State in 1991, Kogi East has had stints for 16 uninterrupted years in the governance of the state, while Kogi Central would have had 8 years at the expiration of the tenure of Alhaji Yahaya Bello in 2024.

There is therefore the need to correct the imbalances in the polity by allowing Kogi West at helm of affairs in Kogi State.

Every patriotic Kogite must of necessity, and irrespective of tribe and religion support this agitation for an Okun person to be the next Governor of Kogi state.

Bolu pointed out that, using the moral indices of all religions as a guide, Okunland should produce the next Governor of Kogi state. The lopsidedednes of the occupation of the governorship seat, he said, must end for harmony and peace to reign supreme in the state.

Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi is of the opinion that, it is morally wrong for anyone from any other part of the State apart from Okun land, to nurture a gubernatorial ambition in view of the obvious unfairness in the power equation in the State as it is presently the case.

Taking a cursory look at the ‘EBIGO’ principle as espoused by the present administration in Kogi state, Dr. Bolufemi believes it should be more than a mere slogan but a genuine effort to entrench equity and fairness in our leadership dynamics in Kogi state, especially the governorship seat.

With an Okun person emerging as Governor of the State in 2024, Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi said, he is optimistic that the final nail on marginalisation would have been struck

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