Former NASSLAF Chairman, Comrade Sam Melaye wins The PROJECTOR NewsandPics 2022 “HEART OF GOLD” Award

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The Chairman, National Assembly Legislative Aides Forum in the 8th National Assembly, Comrade Sam Melaye has emerged the year 2022 HEART OF GOLD Award winner of The PROJECTOR Newspaper as the news tabloid marks her 10th year anniversary.

“The Lifetime Achievement Award is for someone who has demonstrated their Heart of Gold. This person may be a mentor to others, a supportive figure, or even just a friendly face.

“The news outfit has celebrated the people who make a difference in the lives of of people and in their various communities, be it residential or work place.

“To us in The PROJECTOR Newspaper, No act of kindness is too small. We recognise people with heart of gold, people who have, or are currently, supporting and caring for the needy and who have special passion for charity, people who has gone above and beyond to care for those around them.

“With this, we seeks to recognize an everyday hero who quietly goes about making our community a better place and Comrade Sam Melaye has been selected, all variables considered.

“As the NASSLAF Chairman then, Comrade Sam Melaye reinstated all the benefits of legislative Aides, ranging from the claims, to seminar and workshops, procurement of Laptops for legislative Staff, general welfare of Legislative Aides.

“Regardless of where you come from or who you are, Sam Melaye’s soft-heartedness has no match. He goes all out to make positive impact on lives of everyone around him.

In his reaction to the award, Comrade Sam Melaye in his usual calmness, dedicated the award to God and for all his loved ones.

He commended the entire management of The PROJECTOR Newspaper for their dedication to not just making news but also projecting activities that ordinarily might not be in the public domain and for speaking the truth at all times.

He assured, that the award will further charge him to do more as God continue to give him the platform and opportunity to do so.

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