Girls and Social Vices:ODF takes sensitisation to schools

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***Says “The fight against social vices amongst girls begins with you. Take a stand against social vices today.

The Okun Daughters Forum, ODF has taken her sensitisation campaign to schools in Okun land.
According to the initiator, YeyeAaremo Kemi Seyi-Ayodele, PhD, the rate of increase in social vices amongst girls is becoming more alarming that one can no longer fold hands or feel unconcerned.

This sensitisation is aimed as saving the future of our girls from wrought as well as enlightening them of the danger in it.

This activity of the forum is one of her numerous activities that is majorly centred on girl child and female gender as a whole.

The ODF engaged in a two day interaction with students in schools across Okun land.

Some of the schools visited are:Okebukun high school, St. Monica’s college, Kabba, Titcombe college, Egbe, St. Kizzito College, Isanlu and Cruise Memorial College, Mopa.

Excerpt from the speech of the founder:

Tolu, Maryam, and Ife have been friends since they started at Future Leaders Secondary School in JSS1. At home, they had access to television, computers, and phones that were connected to the internet. They watched movies, cartoons, and spent time on the internet, particularly social media. They were exposed to various social vices such as bullying, slang, abusive words, pornography, and others while using these platforms. They are not alone; many of their classmates are also affected.
They enjoyed putting what they had seen, heard, and read into practise. Unfortunately, Tolu went to meet with an online stranger she met on Facebook and had been chatting with for a few weeks in an unknown location. She has gone missing. Maryam picked up some vices, such as cheating during examination and using illegal drugs. Ife copied indecent dresses she saw in the media, she always wanted to be a part of the big girls clique, and she was recently initiated into a ‘big girls group.’ Is there any hope left for Tolu, Maryam, and Ife?
What is Social Vices?
Social vices are bad characters, unhealthy and negative behaviours that are against the society’s morality or law. Examples of social vices are indecent dressing, cybercrimes (Yahoo Yahoo), prostitution/casual sex, cultism, examination malpractice, rape, pocket picking, drug addiction and so on.
Door ways to Social Vices
Friendship and Associations: Who are your friends? Who are the people with whom you spend your time? Remember that evil communications corrupt good manners.
Content Consumed: What have you been watching (movies, cartoons, etc.)? What have you been reading lately (magazines, social media, novels, and so on)? Your eyes and ears are the entrance points to your mind and thoughts. Your actions are influenced by your thoughts.
Games: What kind of games do you enjoy playing? Is the game teaching you bad habits? Is the game asking you to do anything weird? For example, a game in which someone dares you to have a boyfriend and you do so. Some actions have consequences; don’t be a victim.

Peer Pressure: Do you base your decisions on what you see others doing? Do you want to fit in with other people’s lifestyles? This will cause you to do things you will later regret.

The Dangers of Social Vices
You are prone to infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

Inability to achieve your goal and a negative impact on your education
You could be sentenced to jail/prison.
Rescue for Those Engaged in Social Vices Perhaps you are already involved in social vices and believe it is too late for you. No, you can decide today to stop engaging in vices and embrace a fresh start. Okun Daughters has a team ready to assist you.

Take a Stand

The fight against social vices amongst girls begins with you. Take a stand against social vices today. Take a stand today to refrain from engaging in social vices. Take a stand today to convince other girls to reject social vices in our society. Take a stand to be a voice for the elimination of social vices in our society. If you’re going to take a stand today, I want you to stand up and say, “I TAKE A STAND TO END SOCIAL VICES IN OKUNLAND.”

On the sensitization visit are Dr. Ayodele Oluwakemi Sade, the founder/Initiator of Okun Daughters Forum; Mrs Remilekun Orebiyi, National Secretary of ODF, Mrs Roseline Olorunmaiye, Ms. Shade Ajayi and Miss Temitope Ayodele (PRO II of ODF)

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