Group, CHRCR, Condemns Fire Outbreak at the Kogi State House of Assembly

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On the 10th of October, 2022, at early hours of the day, on a public holiday, the fire outbreak was reported that affected the Chambal and the Gallery of the State Assembly. While investigation continues that may likely bring out the cause and possible solution by security and relevant agencies, we call on the State Assembly itself to immediately constitute its own investigative panel.

We sympathize with the Hourable Members and their staffs for the lost that they might have experience in the cause of the fire incident.

It is worrisome that such magnitude of fire disaster could occurred without intervention from Fire Service of the State, which is an indictment of the assembly its self that makes Laws through appropriations that would have assisted such Fire Agencies. Investigation reveal that the Fire Service in the State could not boost of Modern equipment that would have assist in that situation.

Is there anything wrong if the assembly itself should have purchase its own Fire Service equipment that should be station in the Assembly premises? It is regrettable that the 21 local government in the State could not boost of one Fire Service Vehicle each. Legislature such as State Assembly are created by the constitutions of Federal Republic of Nigeria as Amended to make laws for the good and welfare of the People. Even if such Laws and pronouncement through Motions are not favourable to the citizens, what will witnessed in the State Assembly through this Fire disaster is worrisome and condemnable.

We call on the Assembly to use this unfortunate development to make Law through appropriation, resolutions and oversight functions to the Fire Service Agency to see the state of affairs in that all important institution, so as to see areas to assist the Fire services in Kogi State and other Disaster Management Agencies in the State.

If the state have had modern and enough fire equipment and even one stationed at the Assembly, the level of damage could have been avoidable.

As we move to another budget year toward 2023, we call on both the Executives and Legislators to equip disaster management Agencies such as Fire Service and SEMA to reduce unnecessary calamity that we have been witnessing in Kogi State in recent time.

We also call on the State Assembly to look inward as such fire disaster could not have manifest without internal collaborators.


Executive Director,
Conscience for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution (CHRCR),
Lokoja, Kogi State.

11th October, 2022

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