Happy Birthday to a father figure, Chief Ola Oyelola

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Having someone to look up to as a father is one of the most beautiful privileges life can offer. It happens that some persons are lucky to have even more than one person they can call a father, while some are blessed to have a fatherly replacement when they lose their biological father. Whichever category one falls into, It’s a blessing.

I am blessed with such a father figure, the least I want to do is seize every opportunity to make him know how much he is respected, honoured, loved, and how special he is to me. And one of the greatest opportunities that should be taken to honour him is his birthday.

With you, I experienced fatherly love. You made my wellbeing paramount. I pray for more years to spend with you.

For all of your support and care, for believing in me when others including myself gave up on me; I have always prayed that God opens the windows of health, wealth and long life to you and on your birthday today, this prayer is no different.

May this year and even the years to come be filled with joy unspeakable and peace immeasurable. I also pray that your health is made perfect.

Happy birthday to the most amazing father figure ever!

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