Happy birthday to a philanthropist and a quintessential leader of great impact, Hon. Jethro Funsho Oni (Chop Chop)

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On this extraordinary day, as you celebrate your birthday, we the entire management and staff of The PROJECTOR Newspaper, want to take a moment to honor and recognize the remarkable person that you are. Your unwavering dedication to creating positive change, your boundless compassion, and your tireless efforts in improving the lives of those less fortunate speak volumes about the kind of leader and philanthropist you are and no wonder you fit in as our 2022 “Humanitarian Award winner”.

You have not only amassed wealth and success but have shown true selflessness by generously sharing your blessings with the world. Your philanthropic endeavors have left an indelible mark on countless lives, painting a brighter future for all. Your unwavering commitment to various causes has inspired many to lend a helping hand and work towards building a more equitable society.

Your leadership style is nothing short of exemplary. Through your thoughtful and visionary approach, you have led with integrity, empathy, and a deep sense of responsibility. You have been a torchbearer, enlightening and guiding others on the path towards creating a lasting impact. Your vision and ability to bring people together to achieve common goals have not only transformed communities but also sparked hope in the hearts of those who had almost given up.

Your unyielding determination and optimism in the face of challenges have been a driving force for positive change. You have taught us that one person, armed with passion and faith, can truly make a difference. With every act of kindness, you have demonstrated that it is not just the magnitude of our actions that counts, but the intention behind them.

On this special day, we hope you take a moment to reflect on the incredible impact you have had on the world. Your altruistic nature and relentless pursuit of justice have not only inspired me but also countless others. The difference you have made in the lives of many vulnerable individuals is immeasurable, and we are forever grateful for your unwavering commitment.

As you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, may your wishes be granted, and may you continue to inspire us all with your unparalleled devotion to making our world a better place. Happiest of birthdays to a quintessential leader and an exceptional philanthropist!

With deepest admiration and respect,

Gideon Ayodele
Publisher/Editor in chief,
The PROJECTOR Newspaper

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