Happy birthday to one of the most caring, genuinely kind, and most compassionate people I know, Dr Folashade Yemi Esan

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You are a good woman with a big heart, and anybody can see that from a mile off.

It is clear for all to see, but I have known you long enough now to know personally that you are someone who has a really big heart.

You are someone who cares, someone who has so much love and kindness to give. Your heart truly is made of pure gold.

The compassion that you show for others is heart-touching and so inspiring. You truly are one of the good ones.

I hope your birthday is as wonderful as the person that you are.

May the goodness in your soul never change, ma. Happy Birthday!

Gideon Ayodele, Publisher/Editor-in-chief, The PROJECTOR Newsandpics

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