Hi-Speed: Aare Oodua Celebrates the Remarkable Life of Hon. Suleiman Dauda on His Birthday

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In a display of gratitude and admiration, the Aare Oodua, Engr Muritala Salau Audu, has come out to celebrate the extraordinary life of Hon. Suleiman Dauda, also known as Hi-Speed, on the occasion of his birthday. Recognized as a beacon of hope and a champion of human development, capacity building, and philanthropy, Hi-Speed’s influence and impact have touched the lives of many.

A man with a profound commitment to uplifting others, Hon. Suleiman Dauda has earned the respect and goodwill of those within and outside his community, due to his remarkable generosity, kindness, and tireless efforts in improving the lives of those around him.

In his birthday message to Hi-Speed, Aare Oodua, Engr Muritala Salau Audu, expressed his deep appreciation for the indelible mark that Hon. Suleiman Dauda has left on society. He extended warm wishes for continued impactful years ahead, and emphasized the importance of celebrating a man with such an admirable dedication to enhancing the welfare of others.

Hon. Suleiman Dauda, also known as Hi Speed, stands as a shining star in his community and beyond, exuding an aura of inspiration and impact. As he celebrates his birthday, his unwavering commitment to uplifting others and his remarkable generosity position him as a true superstar, lighting the way for positive change.

As the day unfolds, the community joins in honoring the life and contributions of Hon. Suleiman Dauda, acknowledging his selfless spirit and exceptional qualities that have made a meaningful difference in the lives of many.

Happy birthday, Hi-Speed – here’s to many more years of positive influence and inspiration.

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