Hon. Richard Osaseyi congratulates Governor Usman Ododo on tribunal victory, urges opponents to support him for the good of the state

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In a gesture of sportsmanship and unity, Hon. Richard Osaseyi, the Director-General of the campaign for Ododo/Joel for governor in Ijumu LGA, has extended his heartfelt congratulations to Governor Usman Ododo on his victory at the election tribunal.

Osaseyi commended Governor Ododo for his resilience and dedication throughout the legal process, stating that his leadership qualities had been reaffirmed by the tribunal’s verdict. He urged the governor to continue to be magnanimous in victory and to uphold the ideals of inclusivity and unity in governing the state.

Furthermore, Hon. Osaseyi called on Governor Ododo’s opponents to accept the outcome of the tribunal in the good interest of the state. He emphasized the importance of coming together as a unified front to support the governor in his efforts to make the state a pride for all.

“We must put aside our differences and work together for the betterment of our state. Governor Ododo has shown that he is a true leader, and it is now time for us to show our support and dedication to his vision for a prosperous and progressive state,” Osaseyi stated.

As the dust settles on the tribunal proceedings, Hon. Richard Osaseyi’s message of unity and support has resonated with many, emphasizing the importance of putting the good of the state above individual interests. It is hoped that Governor Usman Ododo’s victory will mark the beginning of a new chapter of cooperation and progress for the state.

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