Hon. Salman will be more people oriented in his representation -IDRUFEM

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***Says he is a product of people’s desire for a change

A Stewart of the African Democratic Congress, and a seasoned entrepreneur, Hon Idris Rufus Femi, fondly called IDRUFEM has expressed confidence in the capacity of the newly inaugurated Federal House of Representatives member, representing Kabba-Bunu/ Ijumu Federal Constituency, Arch Idris Salman to operate a people oriented legislative activities and to always keep in touch with the constituents.

IDRUFEM stated that the emergence of Salman was nothing but the desire of the good people of the constituency for a change and not just about a political party, but a conscious determination.

According to him, being a people’s representative is all about being accountable to the people.

“Hon Salman Idris, the newly inaugurated legislator would not only legislate well but also work to bring the benefits of democracy to his constituents.

“The dividends of democracy can take many forms, such as improved infrastructure, better access to healthcare and education, increased economic opportunities, and more transparent and accountable government.

“He will prioritize the needs and concerns of the constituents and work to address them through effective legislation and policy-making” he said.

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