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By Comrade Olorunhudo Samuel Taiwo

Hon. Segun Olobatoke Samuel(SOS) is a Community developer who has the Capacity to evaluate a circumstances to make a Judgement based on what will be better for his constituents because he believes that leadership in a democratic system needs statemanship as compared to Just becoming a “politician” Which implies possessing the Honesty and ability to stand up for what will be of benefit to his people now and in future time.

Hon. SEGUN OLOBATOKE is a leader who always show interest in helping others in pursuit of a goal or desired outcome. Some people are born with qualities needed to be a leader just like others are born with natural talents. OLOBATOKE is that good leader who believe in the responsibility to communicate with his people in a way that motivates and excite them.

He understand the different needs of the people around him and know several ways to satisfy them by creating a great environment that will support and encourage them to build a better future for themselves. It’s a good thing for a leader to identify what motivates the people around him and also provide them with a reward system that they will value, make them feel important by treating them with respect.

Hon. SEGUN OLOBATOKE Samuel is a man with good political leadership Skills who has in so many ways proved to his people to be a successful leader who has the Capacity to easily distinguish between success and failure. He is an astute politician who has a visionary dream and understand how to turn his Vision into success Story that will bring development to his CONSTITUENCY. His integrity and honest way of doing things is one of the qualities that stand him out to be a good and strong leader.

How do you demand integrity from your supporters if you neglect such qualities? Leaders excel because they hold to their basic principles and convictions. This is a man who has the Capacity to make the right decision at the right time and also take actions that will have huge effect on his people. Our constituency need to support that good leader who must be able to Inspire the people he represents perhaps the toughest thing that is important for a leader to do is convince people to follow them because one can only get it done by providing a clear example and encouraging your followers as a leader.

Olobatoke think optimistically and his positive attitude is evident from his actions. It is no longer news that OLOBATOKE is a man who have intent and Vision to make development his topmost priority and focus as a good leader who is always ready to serve his people at the green Chamber of National Assembly.

May SOS Succeed in Jesus Mighty Name.

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