Hon. Taufiq Socio Political WhatsApp Group issues urgent notice to members to disregard fraudulent Zoom meeting notice

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In a bid to protect members from fraudsters posing as administrators of the group, Hon. Taufiq Socio Political WhatsApp Group issues a notice advising all members to disregard any purported Zoom meeting notice not posted directly on the platform.

Members are urged to stay vigilant and only trust information posted by official admins.

The statement :

URGENT NOTICE: Disregard Notice For Purported Zoom Meeting of Hon. Taufiq Socio Political WhatsApp Group

All members of Hon. Taufiq Socio Political WhatsApp Group and the general public are by this notice advised to totally disregard and ignore a purported scheduled Zoom Meeting at the WhatsApp Group as it not from any admin of the social media platform.

Our attention has been drawn to the said meeting by some of our concerned members, which necessitates this timely notice to protect our members from fraudsters posing to speak on behalf of the Group in a bid to steal vital information from members.

It is our believe that the notice is handiwork of scam artists who are after bank details, social media accounts and other vital data of our members. We therefore call on our members to disregard the said notice in it entirety in order not fall prey to scavengers trying to steal from our members.

Therefore, we advise members to always check the said WhatsApp platform for authentic information and disregard any other information that purport to emanate from us but not found in the aforementioned media.

Finally, we want to use this opportunity to once again thank members of our social media platforms for your continuous support, understanding and patience.

Hon. Taufiq Isa,
Director General, Kogi State Project Monitoring Agency,
June 4th, 2024.

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