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Representation has been defined to refer to a person or organizations that speaks, act or is present officially for someone else.

It’s also view as an action or acting on someone or the state of being so represented.

From the above postulations, for an entity, organizations or a constituency to have a quality and effective representations ,it’s pertinent to entrust their mandate in a personality that has a clear vision, capacity, capability and the wherewithal to take the mantle of representation.

As the clock is tickling to the next general Elections, people are beginning to be fastidious about who will be representing them.

It’s usually a time when people take assessment of their candidates credentials in other for them to make their choices during the Election.

This season is also characterize and dominated with all sorts of rhetoric’s for various political party candidates.

But it’s expected to be a time for deep reflections because of not being so misrepresented.

In the view of the above, I want to say that people of kogi west senatorial district have been presented with candidates from different political parties.

We are indeed very familiar with these personalities, they are all potentially and eminently qualified but I want to reiterate here without mincing words that Hon TEEJAY YUSUF is the most qualified amongst of them to gives us the quality representation that we desired.

Although, representations has evolved over the years, there is no doubt that Hon TEEJAY YUSUF has not only changed the phase of representation but he has taken it to another dimensions through his people oriented and quality representations.

It’s not a gainsaying that he has been in the service of community development and humanity, he has remained a shinning example of a good leadership.

He’s a man with an imbued character of vision, transparency, probity and a team player.

As a legislator, he has distinguished himself as one of the brilliant stars in the house of representative.

He has proven to be versed in political engagement, social interactions and parliamentary networking.

At all times,he has displays outstanding brilliance ,uncommon passion, unusual humility and unapologetic commitment to the pursuit of numerous initiatives and activities geared towards improved welfare of the people.

Not minding the intellectual exertions and parliamentary rigours that are usually associated with bills ,he has initiated More 15 Bills ,each of these bills have either been passed by the house ,awaiting concurrences by the Senate or awaiting president assent or at various stages of legislation consideration.

Given his passion for commitment to the plight of the masses, the defenceless and often-forgotten people in our society, promotion of moral values, good governance, growth and development as well as legislating for the general goods of Nigerians, he has moved about 90 Motions that are populist in logic,content and focus.

His people oriented projects cut across all facets of lives, these include ;Education and Human capital development, power, water,Roads, Health, Agriculture, Employment and Sports.

Hon TEEJAY YUSUF as a member of House of Representatives has put many of his words into action.

He has made good of his promises.

Vote Hon TEEJAY YUSUF for Senate for effective and quality representations.

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