Hon. WEMI JONES, a pragmatic unifier, leader that BUNU has found

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What I meant by a unifier is someone who takes the initiative in addressing the problem of division, which includes not only the peaceful unity of the Bunu people but also the development of their infrastructure and human resources.

You’ll agree with me that the results of the 2019 general election show that Hon. Wemi Jones experienced a setback from betrayers within the structure of the party because of some selfish political interest and unholy romance with the PDP to rob him off his mandate……a sellout, which hindered our unity in Bunuland—or lack thereof—but he never harbored resentment toward any particular person or group and instead worked hard to correct the abnormalities to prevent recurrences.

But all told, With regard to Hon. Wemi Jones’ political exploits, his search for peace, harmony, oneness, and a united Bunu, which has come to characterize his position within Bunuland, Hon. Wemi Jones has exemplified what a unifier leader really is.

Because of this, he is passionate about fostering fellowship and peace throughout Bunuland. The Hon. Wemi Jones has excelled in his role as the unifier and bridge-builder, holding out the olive branch to great fanfare.

We must unite behind him and motivate him to do more as he navigates his political route because he still has a lot of work to do.

When historians go over his writings and career as a politician, Hon. Wemi Jones will be seen as a representation of harmony. He will also be remembered as a politician whose guiding principle was the search for the truth.

May Hon. Wemi Jones reign to the advantage of the Bunu people, Kogi State, and all of Nigeria.


Team Wemi Movement

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