Honorable Commissioner for Special Duties Leads Top Political Appointees on Thank You Visit to Aiyegunle-Iluhafon Ward, Seeks Support for APC Candidate in Upcoming Guber Poll

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Hon. Ismail Adesayo Yahaya, Commissioner for Special Duties, along with other prominent political figures from Aiyegunle Gbede, embarked on a thank you visit to their beloved ward, Aiyegunle-Iluhafon, expressing gratitude for past support in elections and rallying for further backing of Alh. Usman Ododo, the APC candidate, in the upcoming November 11 Guber poll, in a bid to secure his victory as the next governor of Kogi State.

In a bid to strengthen the bond between Okun and Ebira people, the honourable commissioner for Special Duties, Hon Ismail Adesayo Yahaya with other officials highlighted the importance of unity in achieving progress and prosperity.

Hon. Amodu Ibikunle Abubakar, SSA to the Governor on Youth Empowerment (West), echoed the call for increased unity and encouraged everyone to rally behind the APC candidate.

Furthermore, the officials announced the establishment of a committee responsible for the distribution of parliamentary benefits (Parliatives) to the people.

Receiving assurances of unwavering support, the people pledged their continuous endorsement, recognizing the common interests that unite them all.

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