I will bring my constituency closer to government and government closer to my constituents-Pastor Femi Obalemo

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Pastor Femi Obalemo PFOM, a candidate of the People’s Democratic Party PDP, for the Kogi State House of Assembly to represent Kabba-Bunu constituency has said his motivation was to give his people quality representation and to ensure that through his inputs the people of his constituency would no longer be far from government.

Speaking with Publisher of The PROJECTOR Newspaper, Obalemo said in line with the slogan of his party ‘Power to the people” that his motivation to represent his people was altruistic and never self-serving but to return power back to the people.

Obalemo said: “It is not difficult for him to convince his people that he means well when he aspires, not minding the way some people have tented it in the past.

“I am in this race for the good of my people. Our people have lacked quality representation over the years. Year-in-year-out it appears we have nobody in the House. Issues that affect our people are not being brought to the fore. It is high time we changed that negative narrative.

According to him, “It is a mandate of clarity because we have a clear thought about what we are going to do in the House. If you are not convinced about a mission, it is unlikely something positive would come out of that mission. But when you are as definite as I am about my mission, my people will rejoice at the end of the day.

It is not about just filling the gap; it is about the people of my constituency that have over the years borne the brunt of neglect and deprivation, even though they have been having representatives all these years” he Said.

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