“If We Don’t Act Now, Poverty Will Break Us” – CSO Leaders Forum on Social Protection and Sustainable Development Urges Government to Resuscitate Social Protection Programme

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In a bid to address the pressing issue of poverty in Nigeria, the Civil Society Leaders Forum on Social Protection and Sustainable Development issued a communique at the end of their meeting held on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 at Reiz Continental Hotel, Abuja.

Comprising over 20 civil society organisations, the Forum commended the government for its efforts in providing palliatives to alleviate poverty, especially for the poorest of the poor. However, they expressed concern over the constant decline of the nation’s social protection programme from successive administrations to date.

Highlighting the high levels of poverty and inequality in the country, the Forum emphasized the urgent need for the government to resuscitate and sustain efforts to bring millions of Nigerians out of abject suffering. They also called for a full resumption of the implementation of social protection programmes and for improvements in Nigeria’s social protection programme ratings.

Of particular concern was the discrepancies in the social protection register, which the Forum urged the government to address promptly. They stressed the need for the register to accurately capture those who have been pushed into poverty due to the current economic realities in the country.

In conclusion, the Forum emphasized the importance of social protection policies and programmes in addressing the challenges of poverty. They called on the government to strengthen and coordinate the implementation of the programme in order to deliver the desired social protection outcomes.

With a sense of urgency, the CSO Leaders Forum on Social Protection and Sustainable Development urged the government to take immediate action to resuscitate the social protection programme before poverty breaks the nation.

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