Ijumu day: Olaiya Michael Olobatoke felicitates with students’ community, charges them to build value and always be ready for opportunities

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During the 2022 event of the annual Ijumu day celebration of students of the Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, Hon. Olaiya Michael Olobatoke alias OMO did not only celebrate the glamorous event with the students in feasting, but has also sent words of encouragement and enlightenment to the students and youths community, charging them to be agents of development of the world around them and to build value in themselves at every given opportunity.

The PDP house of representative candidate for Kabba-Bunu/ Ijumu federal constituency, Olaiya Olobatoke during his address as Special guest of honour at the occasion, as delivered by his representative Rtr. Nayo Jude Babatunde. stated that, he has not only come to the event to celebrate with the Ijumu students as a guest of honour, but as a noble son of Ijumu, the ancestry home of his beloved mother.

“It is not okay to be just an Ijumu or Okun student or youth, it is dangerous to be just anybody in this generation of ours, and even more dangerous to be unskilled or have nothing exceptional to offer…

“I charge you my beloved brothers and sisters here present, let’s be agents of development and advancement of the world around us, our society needs our resourcefulness to grow and develop.
Let’s endeavor to build value in ourselves, let’s learn new skills and new knowledge at every given opportunity, let’s strive to maintain excellent human character and to uphold and promote the value system.

He added further by encouraging the students to be open minded and make themselves ready for opportunities always with a prepared skill set, knowledge, readiness and willingness to learn.

He ended by appreciating the students union body for counting him worthy to be invited to celebrate with them and also for upholding the unique cultural heritage of the Ijumu and promise to always be available to be part of any progressive initiative of the students community.

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