Ijumu Unity Group Conference:Be apolitical and focus more on the development of IJUMU as a whole, APS Arogundade charges

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The Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Ijumu Unity Group, Chief APS Arogundade has charged the Ijumu citizens home and in diaspora to use the medium of the group toward channeling the overall course of development in the local government.
He made this charge in his address during the Town Hall meeting recently.

Full Script of his address reads:
I give glory to God Almighty, for His Mercies endured forever. I equally thank God
for the opportunity to witness a day like this where as a people of the same
extraction, we have gathered together to take our destiny in our hands.
It is appropriate at this junction to give a brief history of what has today
metamorphosed to be known as IJUMU UNITY GROUP (LUG). This group was
founded at the residence of the late Chief Molomo Sadiku in Aiyetoro Gbede
Ijumu some 15 years ago That was in 2008 to be precise.. The formidable group
has been renamed on three occasions. At the start it was named ljumu Integrity
The Leadership of the group later fell on Chief Molomo Owonuwa (aka Gbelura)
of lyara ljumu and was Christened ljumu Progressives Group (IPU). The group
made some impacts especially in shaping the political direction of ljumu. Several
factors later weakened the effectiveness of the group which has necessitated the
repackaging and renaming the Group.. Today the Group has been renamed
*IJUMU UNITY GROUP (IUG) under dynamic leaders of which iam privileged to
be the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and and we are proud to serve and
move the group back to relevance in ljumu.
in the course of preparing the address, I had cause to have a second look at the
Aims and Objectives of our Group and I notice that they are ambitious and they
demand deliberate efforts on our part to achieve. Let me do a recap of the

  1. To bring
    together people of like minds from ljumu kingdom who will agree to foster unity.
    oneness and love amongst members and the kingdom at large
  2. Discuss Ijumu kingdom developmental issues Identify political factors that can
    facilitate development projects in ljumu kingdom
  3. Aggregate resources to achieve the identified project(s)
  4. Identify with members on all issues as it affects them eg, weddings, burials,
    birthdays and health challenges etc

limits of our abilities and capabilities
& Ensure the maintenance and sustenance of ljumu kingdom heritage within the

  1. Establish a hall of fame to immortalize tjumu citizens living or dead
    Where we take a deep look at these objectives, we will see that we have a
    herculean task on our hands if we are to succeed. In the short period of our
    rebirth, I have seen serious division and intolerance demonstrated on our social
    media platforms. Conflicts are necessary ingredients of relationships and we
    cannot wish it away but unless we make a deliberate effort to bring ourselves
    together, we may as well be ready to crash-land before taking off.
    Your Royal Majesty, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, please let us look at the
    challenges that confront us in ljumu at present. They include
    • Lack of enough synergy and coordination
    The bitterness in politics among the politicians which has denied ljumu of
    good governance
    one voice needed to put pressure on Governments at all levels to deliver
    succession plan
    The dwindling commitment from upcoming generations which is affecting

    External forces that have threatened our development and the infiltration
    and occupation of our lands.

    Unemployment and poor standard of education leading to producing
    unemployable graduates.
    In the mist of these daunting challenges, can IUG make any impact? can we
    deliver on our objectives? All these can only be possible if we collectively deploy
    the resources available to us individually.
    It is equally important that we immediately commence the process for the
    reconciliation of warring political rivals in ljumu because political power is necessary for
    development. In fact I dare say that political power is next to God’s power. Therefore 1
    appeal to our politicians to use their power to the benefit ljumu. We need this
    intervention quickly or sharp sharp as the slogan is these day.
    I appeal to all delegates present here today and other stake holders to use this
    opportunity to develop an IJUMU Agenda that will be used as a template for political &
    socio-economic development of our people.
    Finally I thank you all for attending this inaugural meeting of ljumu Unity Group I thank
    all the Exco members for the success of this program. I trust God that this will be a
    beginning of an upward movement in ljumu by the special grace of God. I urge us to be
    sincere in our deliberations here today, be apolitical and focus more on the
    development of IJUMU as a whole I wish us all happy deliberations.
    Thank you all.
    Ijumu agbe ghao.

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