Impunity Reigns Supreme in ECOWAS Court of Justice as President of the Court and Director of Administration victimize Nigerian Staff

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By Charles Ebube – Abuja

It is high time Nigeria as a country wake up to its responsibility by repositioning itself among the nations within the sub-regional level as to how her citizens are being treated is not a good one in the ECOWAS institutions.

However, follow up to our report of last week, the Ghanian President of ECOWAS Court has continued with IMPUNITY contrary to Article 59 (a) of ECOWAS Staff Regulation by directing the Director of Administration to issue alleged termination notice by way of an internal memo which he has no power to do aside the fact that the case is pending in it’s court.

The content of the memo was caption no ACCESS to office and termination clause covered in paragraph one.

The President of the ECOWAS Court seems to be above the law and dragging the Court to disrepute despite his tenure was extended pending when the rightful judges will be nominated yet he doesn’t want the EA attach to the Nigerian Judge to also enjoy along side with his principal whose tenure was also extended until the Judges who owns the seat from the Junta ruled ECOWAS countries are nominated.

Since the regional body is under the law, it will be expedient for the ECOWAS Commission President and Nigeria authorities to call him to order as his conducts lately call for questioning.
There is an express provision in Article 22(2) of the 1991 protocol on the Court that forbids the Commission and ECOWAS institutions to take any steps that may frustrate the settlement of a matter that is already before the court.
It is a fact that the EA has a case on this matter filed on 29th September seeking Interim injunction to maintain status quo until a proper interpretation of the council decision extending the tenure of the 3 Judges.

The President of the Court ought to respect the law if he expects community citizens to obey any judgement emanating from the ECOWAS court.

Our medium have the permission of the EA to publish the memo and his objection for public perusal.

Nigeria authorities need to rise up to Ghanian oppression of Nigerian citizens.
See the memo below.

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