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Architect Babatunde Davids Ogunniyi (KOMOH)

Like every other day was Saturday the 16th of July 2022. But it became a special day in the anals of the PDP family. Both in Osun state and Nigeria at large. Whenever a sitting government sieze to retain power in any system the dust is raised. The winning side jubilates, while the loosing side lick thier wounds. The victory in Osun state is closer to home than the loss in Ekiti state. Clearly, the experience gained from that loss has catalysed the victory earned in Osun. I have seen and received many messages from both the winning and the loosing side.

For the very first time since been at this party. I was elated in my spirit. I danced and merry with friends and family. The sense of belonging came to me. I felt included in the PDP family. To all of us once again. I say congratulations!!! . Now I have tasted victory and I can’t let go of it.

From the day I stood for the office of Senate for Kwara South Senatorial district within the party till date, I’ve never looked back. With the concensus I was not favoured, but I stayed put. Many around me felt deflated, some angry, and many more felt disenfranchised. I received many messages of empathy, but I was resolved to stay. I went back to the drawing board with my teams and we regrouped. I decided to stay at the party against all odds. It was not a loss for me, but a lesson to learn. I spoke with my teams and we rebranded. We rebranded to work for the party, both within and outside Nigeria.

In preparation for the national convention. I turned up with my teams, we moved to Abuja enmass and we supported my principal. My amiable leader. The King post of my party. Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki. I was actually privileged to be at his home with many loyalist. Coming all the way from the UK. I dived in and made my mark. In my humility I met Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim who played a pivotal role. Through the evening and the dead of night we were all there. I watched in anticipation with keen interest, but after the votes were counted. My principal did not emerge. I looked at everyone around me. Tired, stressed, down but there was no sadness. Wao! I thought. This was a new lesson. That every loss is not a loss but a bunch of experience to gain and lessons be learned. My principal gave a resounding and adorable speech at the convention ground and we all left. I met with my teams the next day and we all went home.

Getting home In Kwara we came together again and we further regrouped and rebranded. New people came on board my teams became larger. I validated a task to my teams on mobilising for PVC. This was paramount to me. I don’t loose and my teams should not loose. Today I have seen that our task for stardom was that PVC task I gave my teams to work on.

Senator Adeleke would not be celebrating today if the voters were not armed enough.. The PDP family today will not celebrate this landmark of defeating an incumbent power without using the arsenal of the PVC cards.

Now I know and I’m rest assured. The trophies are coming home.

That Yaman/Makanjuola trophy is coming home.
That Senator Rafiu Ibrahim trophy is Coming home. That Dare Bankole trophy is coming home and others PDP candidates in the state and Nigeria as a whole.

If Osun state did it, I’m sure we can do it and more.

My effort to support the PDP party and making sure the candidates emerge as winners is beyond me as an individual, but the pragmatic aim is to make my people, the people of Kwara State stand a better chance to benefit more in all areas of living. I’m a proud Kwaran and I stand by my believe that this teams will emerge come 2023. Insha Allah.

However, I want to use the Osun’s victory as a template of success in any given circumstance that Kwara is for PDP and PDP is for Kwara come 2023.

A resounding victory is not achieved with a divided house nor by a passive mind. But by people with a collective effort that is purposeful with a unified interest.

Let my people from the North, Central and South be resolved to make this next election the sinking of the Titanic. Let’s make it the breaking of the Berlin Wall. Let’s make it’s our own story like Adeleke just did with the Osun people.
That myself and my teams will continue to give our selfless contribution in all spheres as need be to also remain magnanimous enough to push these new agenda to bring these trophies home. I have said this before and I’ll reiterate it again. THAT :NO BE SERE SERE!!!

Finally, let’s remember it’s a marathon and it’s not over until its over.
Long live PDP
Long live Kwara
Long live Nigeria
PD and P Oloye!

Architect Babatunde Davids Ogunniyi (KOMOH)
Chairman New Season Group of Companies.

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