Kabba-Bunu 2023:SDP Hon Abayomi Bello The True Development We Seek

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We have gotten to a level where we all need to start preaching and practicing Developmental Politics and when we talk about Developmental Politics,we should use Honorable Abayomi Bello as a case study.

We have gotten to a level where our questions demands answers, where our voices needs to be heard.

We have gotten to a point where we should question all aspiring politicians what gave birth to their Aspirations.

What as been there major contribution to the Development of the community in the past (Infrastructural Development)

What is their level of commitment to enhance education among students in the past(Jamb form or schools fees)

We should not just rate them by their promises but by their antecedent,it better said than done.

Remember you have a decision to make. Stay Truthful,Vote Wisely.




Hon. Abayomi Bello For House of Representatives Kabba-Bunu-Ijumu Federal Constituency 2023

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