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It going to be a new dawn come 2023 and an opportunity to either continue in the woes that had befalling the community or a new chapter of prosperity that promises a total integration and total restructuring.

A time to choose whom to represent us either in the abysmal way the past representative had been doing it or a new era of representation where the voice of the masses are truly heard and deserving laws are made for development of not just the constituency but the entire state.

A time to determine if we would like to continue in the retrogressive way others had subjected the constituency to or a time for true progress in all ramification.

I know a man, who is capable of the task, who had been tested and clarify to be qualified for the task ahead. A man with the heart of the people, no other than Pastor FEMI OBALEMO.

Come 2023, let vote wisely by choosing Pastor/ Hon Femi Obalemo FCA to represent Kabba/Bunu state constituency in the Kogi state house of assembly.

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