Kabba-Bunu ADC collapse structure, form Political Alliance with PDP candidate to Secure Electoral Success

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In light of the stringent electoral law requiring candidates to secure a minimum of 25% of votes in at least 14 (two-third) local government areas, political parties have forged an unlikely alliance to safeguard the prospects of the Kogi West zone. The law, which has posed a significant challenge, has compelled Kabba-Bunu local government stakeholders, executives and ward executives of the ADC to set aside their differences and unite for the greater good of their constituents.

The Kabba-Bunu Local Government executives of the African Democratic Alliance ADC and the ward excos who visited the PDP governorship candidate, Senator Dino Melaye in his Lokoja residence yesterday stated after several interaction with a PDP Stewart, Hon. Kingsley Mokikan, they have been convinced of the need for collaboration with a candidate that has structure across the state and have come to show their solidarity and to pass a vote of confidence on his candidacy as the only candidate from Kogi West that has the political clout to navigate the zone to victory in the forthcoming November 11 governorship election.

The primary motivation behind this political alliance is the realization that their parties’ respective candidates lack sufficient support beyond his immediate Federal Constituency section of the state. Recognizing that this limited reach could potentially jeopardize the chances of the zone as a whole, party leaders have taken the pragmatic step of forming a coalition.

The electoral law, enacted to ensure fair and broad-based representation, has inadvertently created a scenario where the party may find it difficult to meet the required threshold. Rather than risk diluting their influence or conceding power to rival political factions, the party have opted to join forces, pooling their resources and support to increase their collective chances of success.

By forging this alliance, the parties aim to consolidate their voter base and mobilize support across a wider range of local government areas. The alliance seeks to bridge the geographical and demographic gaps that previously hindered their respective candidates from obtaining the necessary votes.

Spokespersons from the ADC Messrs. Joe Tom and Bamidele Ajayi have emphasized that this alliance is not a compromise of their core principles or a betrayal of their party’s identity. Instead, they view it as a strategic move to address the unique challenges posed by the electoral law, while also ensuring that the interests and aspirations of their constituents are effectively represented.

Proponents of the coalition assert that it is a necessary step to navigate the complexities of the electoral law and ensure the overall success of the zone.

Political analysts predict that this alliance will reshape the political landscape, as parties collaborate to overcome electoral hurdles and forge a stronger, more inclusive representation for their constituents. The success of this alliance will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for future elections, potentially prompting a reevaluation of existing electoral laws and regulations.

As the electoral campaign intensifies, the alliance will strive to convince voters that their collaboration is in the best interest of the zone. By pooling their strengths, resources, and support, they hope to demonstrate their commitment to addressing the concerns and aspirations of all sections of the state.

With the formation of this alliance, the political landscape is witnessing an unprecedented convergence of diverse ideologies and interests.

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