Kabba-Bunu Assembly Obalemo will guarantee a fruitful and prosperous future for the constituency-Group

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Let break a jinx, let find someone qualify for the task and commit the process into his hand.

Let search around us and find someone we can charge with total restructuring of the land bring for us the good dividend of democracy.

Let root deep and bring out a material that is capable of withstanding whatever come our way in Kabba/Bunu state constituency in terms of representation.

Let found someone who has experience among the masses and had feels what it meant to grow from slum and join his effort with our vote in ridden off poverty from the land.

And who is capable of all this task, if not Pastor FEMI OBALEMO. A vote for him guarantee a fruitful and prosperous future for Kabba/Bunu state constituency.

Canvass, mobilize, campaign and vote Pastor FEMI OBALEMO (PFOM). And the PDP

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