Kabba-Bunu Constituency 2023:Otunba Kingsley Mokikan congratulates Hon Femi Obalemo, thank all for their support

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Given my firm believe in the development and progress of our dear constituency and the part I’m convinced I could play in its advancement I set out to contest for the seat of the House of Assembly in our constituency. The race has now been won and lost at the PDP primaries.

Hence, I use this medium to heartily congratulate the winner of that contest, my brother, friend and political associate, Pastor Femi Obalemo for his victory at that primary. This is a success for our dear party, the PDP. You and our party know that I’ve never wavered in my support for whoever our party puts forward, and that is not about to change in this instance. You can therefore, as always, count on my full support as we progress to the next stage of the assignment in the general election.

I also use this medium to appreciate the massive support I gained from friends and family, associates and well wishes everywhere. Your prayers, donations, advise, strategies and votes got me this far, as I could not have even begun this without you. However, as you know there has to be one winner, that winner has emerged, and the delegates have chosen to look in another direction on this occasion.

I humbly, yet earnestly appeal to all my teeming supporters to remain calm, firm, and focused in the hope that the future we want belongs to us. There are still a lot to be done, and I will be coming up to you in future as our hope keeps flying and as we keep taking on several forms of challenging assignments in the interest of all our people. I do not take all your support for granted.

God’s willing, I owe you one.

God bless you all.

~Otunba Kingsley Mokikan

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