Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu 2023: ADC Candidate, Arch. Idris Salman promises not to disappoint electorate when elected

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A main contender for the Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu House of Representatives seat, Architect Salman Idris has assured the constituents of his determination to deliver good service and effective representation and never to disappoint them when he gets their mandate to represent them in 2023.

Arch. Idris Salman is a fulfilled professional, architect, philanthropist and a grassroots mobiliser who is so well attached to the people at the grassroots and well grounded in the politics of his locality.

For his several humanitarian and philanthropic activities and impact on the lives of people of all ages, has won the admiration of his people.

Recently in a chat with the media, Arch. Idris Salman in his words said “I am passionate about my people and to say that is even an understatement because I cannot describe my love and commitment to them and to the things that affect them and I want the best for them.

“That is why I want to represent them, to the best of my ability, and offer them my services at that higher level in the National Assembly.

“I live virtually among them and I know their needs and desires and I think that is all it takes to represent them and I know I won’t disappoint them when that opportunity comes.

He charged the constituents to keep up the courage and not be tired or give up as great people.

“They are always there for me and I promise never to let them down. Let them trust me. Let them believe in me. I will continue to work for the improvement of their lives and wellbeing, and by God’s grace we shall be victorious at the poll come 2023” he said.

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