Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu 2023: Support Olaiya Michael Olobatoke for a new narrative of prosperity for all-Nayo J B.

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Politics is local and is best played by men who are well grounded with good understanding of the locals, the people, what the people represent and what their true aspirations, wants and desires are.

We need men who are well informed about what is best for the people to represent the people.

We need men with the needed experience, wherewithal and political network to facilitate true developments and shared prosperity. For the good people of Kabba-Bunu state constituency and Kabba-Bunu/ Ijumu Federal Constituency respectively.

Support developments and shared prosperity!

Support capability, credibility, competency and good character.

Support a new narrative of prosperity for all!

Vote Pastor Femi Obalemo for Kabba-Bunu state assembly!

Vote Hon. Olaiya Michael Olobatoke (OMO) as MHR Kabba-Bunu/ Ijumu Federal Constituency.

Vote PDP!
Vote for a better life!

I’m Nayo J B.

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