Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu 2023: The Texture Of My Value

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By Martins Mejabi

My stake in Kabba – Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency’s House of Representatives seat spans personal interest. like I fondly say, Okunland generally has fallen short of a good politicians ab initio. If not for the recent blessing of Elder Leke Abejide, who has shown up like a Messiah and have become a succour to many.

As you all would know, I am not a party man, neither am I interested in becoming one. Because I supposed, party shouldn’t be a consulting reference for a better choice of candidates. Not at all. Rather, in a relative term, a passionate hunt is required to limit political exuberant in the guise of a perfect curve towards a choice of a better personality. And that’s my stake!

In so doing, a quality search is engaged in a range of consultation, hence, my stake aroused for the first time for Arc. Salman Idris. And glad!, Arc. Salman Idris is in a bandwagon of Hon. Leke Abejide political dynasty, the man scores admire as great achiever. I therefore throw my support for him and I shall continue until success is assured.


Dear Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Constituents,

I write you this note because I have been living with the certitude of the gestation of your long-suffering, especially as it concern bad leadership and underdevelopment in our area. I sincerely feel our pain. As a crusader of good governance and as a people, our stake is unique. It’s our right to have a good taste of this uniqueness. The unique value in the democratic setting is the consolidation of relative Worth, utility or importance; equivalent in goods, services, empowerment, as a fair return for the roles as a constituent elements.

In view of the above, I recommend to you Arc. Salman Idris. He is the man with this value of collectedness. He is mature and profound. He has been on ground. And has practically empowered many of our sons. in Okunland. If you give him this mantle, sure he will deliver a right and that unique taste of good governance you all have been craving for. Trust, a vote for him will be an inclusive vote. Like I posited earlier, K-B/I have suffered alot in terms of good representation. Lets us make him a rallying point to take back.

Please accept this assurance of this stake. God bless us all!!

Martins Mejabi writes from Ekinrin-Adde.

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