Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu 2023:Arch. Salman Idris is a man with a geniue intention for his people-Nihi Adeshina Leke

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Arc Salman Idris 4 Rep 2023

The Time Is Now.

Our great constituents, Kabba Bunu/IJumu federal Constituency, let’s not be wheedle like those in the past by selling our conscience and future to a driven individuals who do not understand the anthems of politics.

Good Governance and adequate representation are legal course, Which only the pure in heart can truly represent his people, For this singular reason let’s do well by supporting a visionary leader, a man with affluence in the political space of our beloved Constituency.

Arc Salman Idris, A man who has the strength of a digital youth and wisdom of an elite elder. A man whose name rings bell across Kabba Bunu/IJumu Federal Constituency.

A man with a geniue intention for his people, A man who will not convert constituency projects to personal use,

A man of character, with integrity, outspoken and eloquent.

Let’s do it differently this time.


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