Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu 2023:it time to harness our youthful potentials for national representation and delivery with Olaiya Michael Olobatoke (OMO)

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Its official.
It’s youth O’clock!

This is the time to harness our youthful potentials for national representation and delivery.

Our candidate is here to serve as against the calls from other quarters who only see advantage in our collective disadvantages, they saw the need to be in the office for the purpose of fulfilling their lifetime ambition without ideology, unity of purpose and better cohesion among our people. They chose frivolities, thinking our people are feeble minded. This they do without much evaluation and circumspect of the current reality in our political space but of course this thought of theirs can only be carried out only when it’s burn out of inordinate ambition. their imagination could be better imagined as goose wise chase.

Our reasons for supporting Hon. Olobatoke is not about sectionality but basically about a man we have discovered in him.

So distrabalised, devoid of egoism in nature, intelligent and above all, ready to promote our peculiarities while using his maneuvering in business experience to bring to table a well orchestral in our today’s politics.

Having carefully profiled, vetted and 100% ready to serve, its on this note that we queued behind his candidacy while also ensuring we leave no stone unturned by making sure victory is achieved.

Olaiya, is the answer to equal representation, where every part of the constituency will be seing not just as one but as partners in progress.

Vote Otunba Hon. Olaiya Micheal Olobatoke FOR HOUSE OF REPS for Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency
Vote PDP
Vote OMO
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