Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu APC Primary an Electoral Heist, Fraught With Illegalities – Aiyedogbon

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Barr. David Aiyedogbon has faulted the recent All Progressives Congress (APC) primaries to elect House of Representatives candidate for Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Aiyedogbon described the primary election that produced Kolawole Matthew as APC candidate as an electoral heist that did not conform with APC guidelines.

Barrister Aiyedogbon, popularly known as Charvid, was an aspirant in the primary election held in Kabba on Friday.

“The outcome of the primary election that was held by the All Progressive Party for Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency is most unfortunate, reprehensible and not in conformity with all extant laws guiding the conduct of primary elections. It also falls short of the guideline provided for the conduct of such elections by our great party.

“While the list of delegates for Kabba/Bunu LGA was partly altered, that of Ijumu was completely altered to allow delegates who did not emerge from the LGA Delegate Congress to vote in contravention of (Section 84 (5)(C)(1)(II) of the Electoral Act (2022), Article 40(2) of the Constitution of the All Progressive Congress and the Guideline provided for the conduct of 2022 primary elections.)

“Machineries were imported from Kabba and unknown places to take the place of Ijumu delegates. The names of delegates on the delegates lists, generated on the day of the election, were completely at variance with the original delegates list that was used for the House of Assembly primaries on 26th May, 2022 and Senatorial Primaries on 28th May, 2022.

“The fake delegate lists were used to ensure the victory of a particular aspirant. The Electoral officers rebuffed all legitimate complaints and went on to allow fake delegates to perform the civic responsibilities of elected delegates, who were at a lust as to why they voted in the House of Assembly Primaries but became ineligible for the House of Representative primaries a day after.”

“They complained, cried and asked for justice but their voices only were heard but subdued.

“Furthermore, Okebukun ward was completely omitted on the fake list of delegates for Kabba/Bunu, while only ten wards were allowed to vote in Ijumu Local Government thereby disenfranchising delegates from five whole wards. The delegates who voted in the ten wards were fake and could not be identified by members of the party in the affected wards.

“The fake list of delegates were not made available to contestant. The contestant were, also not allowed access into the hall to witness their own election,” the statement read in part.

He appreciated his supporters for their dedication and support in the just concluded primary and called for calm.

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