Kabba-Bunu LGA Caretaker Chairman Barr. Zacheaus Dare hailed for his outstanding leadership skills

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The PROJECTOR Newsandpics publisher, Elder Gideon Ayodele, has showered praises on Barrister Zacheaus Dare, the caretaker Chairman of Kabba-Bunu Local Government Area, for his exceptional activities aimed at stabilising and advancing the LGA.

Describing Barrister Zacheaus as a born leader and seasoned politician, Elder Gideon highlighted the chairman’s keen understanding of political administration, noting that he has honed his skills by learning from various leaders over the years.

“I have closely observed Barrister Zacheaus for over 25 years, and I have always been impressed by his progress and dedication to making a positive difference. From his days as a student leader to his current position, he has remained relevant and committed to the development of Kabba-Bunu LGA,” said Elder Gideon.

He further emphasized Barrister Zacheaus’s qualities such as being a careful listener, obedient follower, and having a strong passion for development without compromising his values for success.

With such commendations from a respected figure like Elder Gideon Ayodele, it is evident that Barrister Zacheaus Dare’s leadership in Kabba-Bunu LGA is indeed making waves and setting a new standard for governance in the area.

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