Kabba-Bunu state Assembly APC Primaries Victory:Hon Seyi Bello expresses gratitude

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Can I actually thank you all enough?

Foremost, I owe all thanks to God, the creator of the universe who established my victory.

I thank the Kogi State workaholic and democratic loving Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello who encouraged and allowed free and fair election to prevail in Kabba/Bunu Local Government on the just concluded Primary election.

Words are insufficient to express my profound heart felt condition to my wife who stood by me through thick and thin throughout this race.

Let me thank all my royal fathers; you are forever engraved in my heart.

I appreciate all my revered political leaders, chairmen, women leaders, APC Local Government Excos, delegates , especially the fourty delegates who trusted us with their votes, and everyone too numerous to mention at the moment, who has contributed in one way or the other to this historic moment in making my victory a milestone and resounding one.

Your moral, spiritual and financial contribution will never go unnoticed.

To my other contestants, I appreciate the opportunity to run with you, do not see this as a weakness on your part, but as another privilege to express your willingness to serve.
The future is bright enough for our continuous relationships.

Dear all, as I still count on you for the final victory at the general elections, be assured of my commitment to a balanced representation.

My victory is our glory.

Thank you all and God bless you all.

Hon. Seyi Bello.

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