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We would not have responded to the media brigandage and concoction of lies spewed out against the person of Hon(Dr) Taufiq Isa but for the unsuspecting public who might want to take the coloration of lies packaged to smear the hard earned reputation and integrity of the Kogi ALGON Chairman.
As the longest ALGON Chairman in Nigeria and one of the most active Chairmen,his integrity, uprightness, dedication, commitment and capacity is never in doubt. He wouldn’t have achieved this under the administration of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello if he is grossly lacking them. He has severally been adjusted as the most trusted(Al-Amin) and reliable Politician in his administration.
Hon(Dr) Taufiq Isa saw the imperatives in harmonizing ALGON for a better and secured future for the benefits of all Stakeholders. This ultimately informed his decision to drop personal ambition by working for the overall interest of ALGON

He had sacrificed his position as National Legal Adviser when it was necessary to do so.Hon Taufiq Isa fought for a whole year ensuring their is harmony and peace. He discovered there was no sincerity of purpose in the arrangements and also lack of honestly in one Muhammed, propelled him to pursue peaceful return of all Stakeholders with the exception of few who saw it as opportunity to amaze to the detriment of those who are genuinely interested in the oneness of ALGON. Someone who can’t even win Councillorship contesting for Senate with the ill-gotten wealth of the Factional ALGON But as a lover of peace,he advised harmonization and synergy for the betterment of all parties hence his decision to embrace peace long before and keyed into the advice of his Leader,His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello. There is absolutely that the Kogi ALGON Chairman will pursue without the express approval of his Boss and Mentor. He is indeed on the same page with His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello.

On the allegation of bribery,I will rather advised these Proponents of disunity in ALGON to get some trainings and seminars on the personality of Kogi State ALGON Chairman. Dr Taufiq Isa is a contented Man who is always grateful for what God has given him. He has always gotten what he needs at every point in time. It is smack of ignorance and irresponsible to think that the Kogi State ALGON will use the occasion of his Son’s wedding to settle scores with The National President. The issue of corruption should rather be channeled to Hon Muhammed who has acquired so much wealth to advance his Senatorial ambition. He discovered the scheming as inordinate and therefore from these self serving individuals.

As the Secretary of the Central Planning Committee of the Wedding,all arrangements, expenses and plannings have been completed and paid for a month to the wedding. Hon. Taufiq Isa has helped and empowered lots of people and so some of them willingly contributed to success recorded during his Son’s wedding. There is nothing the respectable National President, ALGON could have given him that God has not provided for him in abundance. Hon(Dr) Taufiq Isa will forever be grateful to Barrister Kolade Alabi,National President, ALGON for finding it worthwhile to attend his Son’s wedding.

Also, Kogi State ALGON Chairman has always maintained that despite the rancour, misunderstanding and division,the administration of ALGON will never and cannot be handed to a Man whose primary school qualification is questionable and fraudulent. The Director General of a reputable organization like ALGON cannot be sacrificed on the alter of incompetence and nepotism.

Furthermore,the KOGI ALGON Chairman has briefed his Legal Adviser to pursue a case of forgery against these greedy individuals for forging his signature on the case papers and affidavit being bandied around. The Honourable Kogi ALGON Chairman has authoritatively debunked attending any Financial Committee at any given point in time after it’s inauguration. He immediately knew the intention behind setting up the committee. The whole idea was to use the good name of Hon. Taufiq Isa to raise funds for the prosecution of their selfserving agenda.No Kobo exchanged hands during the period under review. All these and many more infractions will be heavily challenged in the court of law.

Ultimately,I want to agree with the Writer that there is something special about the qualities of Hon (Dr) Taufiq Isa that the opposition is pained to lose. Rather than fight an individual who has shone like a bright star in all assignments given, it is better to explore ways of tapping from his wealth of experience having served in the past as a Labour Leader,Councillor, Contractor,LG Party Chair, Local Government Administrator, Senior Special Assistant on Security and Executive Chairman, Ijumu Local Government Area and longest serving ALGON Chairman in Nigeria. This is an uncommon feat that should be studied and emulated. Kogi ALGON Chairman’s integrity has never been in doubt by all and sundry. He will continue to pursue agenda of uniting all Stakeholders for the growth and development of the grassroots. Hon Taufiq Isa will continue to use his contacts, goodwill and energy to serve the overall interest of ALGON nationally in achieving her set goals and objectives.

Conclusively, Kogi ALGON Chairman will like to express his deepest appreciation to His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello for his love,care and understanding over the years. Your decision to host this historical NEC meeting in Kogi has afforded Nigerians to see your giant stride in infrastructural revolution. My gratitude to the National President, ALGON, Barrister Kolade Alabi for approving Kogi State as the Host state is well commendable. The Board of Trustees, Director General,all ALGON Chairmen and supporting staff of ALGON are immeasurably appreciated.
Kogi State NEC meeting has been adjudged to be the best ever in organisation and planning.

God bless Nigeria,
God bless Kogi State,
God bless National ALGON,
God bless Hon(Dr) Taufiq Isa

Hon. Ojo Bidemi Jerry

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