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As the 2023 Kogi State Governorship election draws near, aspirants have starting emerging indicating their interest to occupy Lugard House as successor to Alhaji Yahaya Bello from within his party and the opposition.
Among the lot, Dr. Bolu stands out for a plethora of reasons and even those eyeing the same seat acknowledges this fact. Unlike others, Dr. Bolufemi Olarotimi is based in Kogi State and has been for more than 18 years. Being an Entrepreneur with interests in a number of businesses, he has visited every local government area in the state over this period which has given him the opportunity to see firsthand the peculiar problems of each locality and the abundant mineral and natural resources situated in them.

At every opportunity, Dr. Bolufemi does not hesitate to let anyone who cares to listen know that Kogites have no reason to live in penury and the state has no business going cap in hand to Abuja at the end of every month to take its share of Federal allocation.
The pathetic situation of infrastructures in the state has impeded development and the leadership is so inept that it cannot see the potentials of the state let alone tap same for the benefit of the state and its people.

Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi has a vision to turn around the fortunes of Kogi State for good so that the oxymoron situation where its people are thirsty despite being at the Confluence of the two largest Rivers in Nigeria; the Niger and Benue will become history. His mission is to bring an end to penury that is exemplified in hunger and agony in the lives of Kogites despite the abundant endowments of resources in the state.
Unlike others who are oblivious of what the problems are and will consequently not know how to solve it, Dr. Bolu is fully aware of the challenges facing Kogi State in its quest for progress and has all the solutions that when implemented will make the state a haven of surplus of all the goodies of life for its people.

For a populace in dire straits praying for a good today and a better tomorrow for coming generations, the Divine answer is Dr. Bolufemi Olarotimi who is determined to wipe their tears with committed and purposeful leadership.

As the race for Lugard House commences, stakeholders of the party should ensure they make the right choice and when he emerges the party’s candidates, Kogites must vote overwhelmingly for Dr. Bolufemi for their dream of a proserous Kogi State to become a reality.



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