KOGI Governorship polls; Why We Are Mobilising Support For Dr Bolufemi Olarotimi-Mopa Youths For Good Governance Forum

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A group, under the auspices of Mopa Youths For Good Governance Forum MGGF has re-echos their bound and clamours for the Aspirations of Dr Bolufemi Olarotimi to contest for Kogi State Governorship position in the coming elections.

According to the Convener of the forum, Comrade Temitope Olufemi while speaking over the weekend, stated that his people are seeking for the PDP Governorship mandate for Dr Bolufemi because they have seen in Dr Bolufemi Olarotimi a burning desire and passion for the accelerated growth and development of Kogi State.

“Looking at the future we all desires for our dear State in the next four years, we have discovered that the best man with the golden Capacity to make that future happen for us as progress minded youths is no other person than Dr Bolufemi Olarotimi.

“Dr Bolufemi Olarotimi is a man with many good parts that are suitable for the leadership of Kogi State. He is a persuasive and determined goal getter. A gentle man who has done marvelously well in the business world and he still possessed the requisite wisdom to come and deploy the same results oriented capacity for the economic growth and development of our State.

“Bolufemi’s Governorship bid, is in the best and collective interest of all well-meaning citizen of Kogi State, because we are quite Sure of the fact that he is going to work for the speedy economic recovery and transformation of the state including the decayed infrastructures.

“No doubt within a few months of his coming into office Kogi State would be a better state to recon with in terms of economic growth.

“Dr Bolufemi strongly believe in the growth and development of Kogi State and this is evidence in what he is doing in his private business where he ensures that the State gets good benefits from his business activities which are largely located within the state.

“While others Young, wealthy men from the state are busy carrying their investment outside the state and even some outside the country, Dr Bolufemi has consistently engaged most of his business activities towards harnessing and promoting the abundant natural and human resources in the state for the overall benefits of all.

“He is a de-tribalised person who has friends and business associates across all the tribes, religion and ethnic groups in the state and even in the whole country.

“Bolu’s network of friends and business associates is available in all sphere of both politics and the business world a great resource that he would graciously offer for the growth of the state when he gets into office as elected governor of Kogi State.

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