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“I have a personal call to lead Kogi state out of the present poverty stricken level into prosperity and aboundance. I have a call to serve as the next Governor of Kogi State on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). This call is divine in nature as the hands of God is mightily on the project. These were the words of Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi during an interactive session with newsmen at his home country, Okoro Gbedde in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State on October 10, 2022.

“The present times are hard. People live in penury and wallow in abject poverty on daily basis. It is no news that great citizens are forced to live under pronounced hardship where it has practically become impossible to meet the demands of three square meals a day in most families.

But according to Dr. Bolufemi , all hopes are not lost as God has prepared him to turn the fortunes of the state around for good and give the people a new lease of life. And because Bolu’s call is a divine arrangement, he believes that God’s hands are practically on the project.

Speaking further, Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi said, ‘For every period in history, God has always raised a Messiah to salvage the people in times like this as we are currently witnessing in Kogi State. Moses, David and Jesus Christ came to fulfill God’s purpose at different times. I believe God has positioned me to lead Kogi state out of the present woes nay; poverty, stagnation, hopelessness, cluelessness and to move the state forward to prosperity, aboundance, development and peaceful coexistence of all citizens within the boundaries of Kogi State and in all ramifications.

Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi reflected on his decision to relocate from Kaduna to Lokoja 17 years ago inspite of a thriving oil and gas business way back in Kaduna. He now realizes that, the relocation was a mission arranged by God to come and study the needs, hopes and aspirations of his people. That same God orchestrated this project and will surely propel same to fruition. According to Dr. Bolufemi, his relocation from Kaduna to Lokoja further gave him a clear view and understanding of the challenges confronting Kogi State while it also exposed him to the abundant resources available in the state to solve the the teething problems currently plaguing the state.

Bolu stated categorically that this is where his aspiration to kogi state government house is somewhat different from those of others. While many aspiring to govern Kogi State may not fully understand the peculiarities and the nature of the state’s challenges, on his part, he has lived interacted and had severally criss-crossed the length and breadth of the state as a well packaged individual ready to serve and to meet the needs and aspirations of the people.

Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi lamented that it is an irony of fate because in a situation whereby the state is blessed with abundant minerals resources, waiting for the monthly allocation to develop the entire state should not be the priority of a serious government. As it stands today, Kogi State has aboundant mineral resources that could be properly harnessed to raise the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (lGR). The anticipated increased IGR will adequately complement the monthly federal government allocation to foster development in the state.

Bolu aspires to deploy every available arsenal of good governance to tap into these aboundant mineral resources to develop Kogi State. He pledged further, that with him as the Governor of the state in 2024, the present predicament will give way to rapid socioeconomic development in Kogi State. He urged every meaningful voter in Kogi State who is interested in the development of the state to cast their votes to him. According to Bolu, a vote for him, is a vote for development.


Director, Media and Publicity Bolu 2023 Campaign Organization.

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