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By Eleta Oluseyi Kelvin

As Kogi is gradually stealing the show and positioning herself as Nigeria’s Infrastructural hub, many are in awe as they find it difficult to unravel the secret behind the many magics of Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo.

His Excellency has demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision in his efforts to transform Kogi State into a hub for infrastructural development in Nigeria. His administration’s commitment to improving the state’s infrastructure has been impressive, and the impact is evident in the rapid transformation of the state’s landscape.

Under his leadership, Kogi State has witnessed significant improvements in road networks, transportation systems, and energy supply, making it an attractive destination for investors and businesses. His efforts have not only enhanced the quality of life for citizens but also positioned the state as a key player in Nigeria’s economic growth.

The Adogo International Cargo Airport when completed will be capable of creating ten thousand direct jobs and twenty-five thousand indirect jobs in terms of; air freight businesses, hospitality, warehousing, training centers, and even private security setups. This is one out of many jaw dropping initiatives to have been introduced over the months, since the inauguration of His Excellency, Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo.

The Governor’s dedication to creating a conducive environment for economic development, job creation, and innovation is commendable. His administration’s initiatives have set a new standard for governance and development in Nigeria, and his legacy will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the state and its people.

Kogi State is indeed fortunate to have a leader like Governor Ododo, who is passionate about development and committed to delivering results. His efforts deserve recognition and appreciation, and we look forward to seeing the continued transformation of Kogi State under his leadership as his administration progresses.

Judging by the swift response and counter approach by the State Government to resolve the kidnapping saga which rocked the state owned Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara of recent, it has become crystal clear that Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo is not only capable of handling the security architecture of the state, but came fully prepared and cannot be caught unaware by any mischievous elements bent on perpetrating evils in the state.

As Kogi State is gradually being modeled into an infrastructural development State, we must collectively commend His Excellency’s commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, by ensuring that the state’s growth benefits all citizens. His administration’s innovative approaches to governance and development have made Kogi State a hub for investment, innovation, and progress.

As grateful citizens we must commend His Excellency, Governor Ododo for his tireless efforts, his unwavering commitment, and his unrelenting passion for transforming Kogi State into a beacon of hope and development in Nigeria. And as geographically positioned, Kogi shall in the coming years be a light for other states to follow.

As written by:
Eleta Oluseyi Kelvin,
Coordinator, Babayemi Vanguard Support Group for Ododo.
14th May, 2024.

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