Kogi Journalist Launches Akoni Foundation, distributes personal Hygiene kits to Lokoja school

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Akoni Care Foundation, led by the Chief Executive Director, Miss Deborah Agbonika, has distributed personal hygiene kits to the pupils of LGEA primary school, Ganaja, Ajaokuta local government area as part of efforts to empower and educate the girl child on the need for personal hygiene.

Items that were distributed in the school are sanitary pads, exercise books, and pens to girls in primaries 5 and 6.

Agbonika emphasized that personal hygiene goes beyond cleanliness and plays a critical role in instilling confidence, promoting health, and empowering children to reach their full potential.

According to Agbonika, the foundation’s ultimate goal is to create a world where every child has access to clean water, soap, and basic hygiene products, along with the knowledge of proper hygiene practices from a young age.

The CEO highlighted that personal hygiene not only affects appearance but also impacts overall health, adding that, teaching children good hygiene practices, the foundation is equipping them with the tools to lead healthy and fulfilling lives while also preventing the spread of diseases and infections.

Akoni Care Foundation is working to ensure that every child has the resources and education needed to practice good personal hygiene. This includes providing hygiene kits to underserved communities and implementing hygiene education programs in schools.

Miss Agbonika urged parents, educators, and community leaders to prioritize children’s personal hygiene and make it an integral part of their upbringing, as this investment in health and well-being will contribute to a brighter and healthier future for the country’s leaders of tomorrow.

Also, a journalist, Yemi Balogun who sensitized the pupils on the importance of personal hygiene, emphasized the need for pupils to keep their bodies clean at all times to avoid infectious diseases which could lead to a break down in their health. She said there’s need for more priority to be given to the girl child in order to instill confidence in her to help her achieve higher heightsin life .

The school’s principal, Mrs Victoria Duze , who received the team ceased the opportunity to send a passionate appeal to relevant authorities to pay attention to the school in terms of infrastructure- classroom renovations, provision of fans, tables and chairs for pupils and teachers as well as the overall welfare of the entire school, so as to make the environment conductive for teachers and the entire students to learn.

The Akoni Care Foundation’s initiative, is supported by Miss Deborah and her team, serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that personal hygiene can have on the lives of children and their future prospects.

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