Kogi Philanthropist, Prince Ibinayin aka Erukutu of Oweland Urges Citizens to Support Dino Melaye for a Prosperous State

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In an impassioned plea to the good people of the western part of Kogi State and the entire citizens, concerned Kogi resident and prominent US-based businessman, Prince Ibinayin, also known as Erukutu of Oweland, has called for massive support for Senator Dino Melaye’s gubernatorial bid. Prince Ibinayin believes that Melaye’s leadership will usher in a prosperous future for the state, leaving every citizen proud of their collective achievements.

Speaking with newsmen in the capital city, Lokoja, Prince Ibinayin emphasized the urgency of seizing the opportunity presented by Melaye’s candidacy. He particularly made a special plea to the Okun people, urging them not to miss the “God-given opportunity” to rally behind Melaye and secure the governorship position for the region.

“The time has come for us all to unite and stand behind Senator Dino Melaye,” Prince Ibinayin declared. “I call on my fellow Okun brothers and sisters to embrace this golden chance that destiny has handed us. Let us not look back with regret but forward with pride, as we support Melaye’s aspiration for the betterment of our beloved state.”

Prince Ibinayin expressed unwavering confidence in Melaye’s ability to tackle the pressing challenges facing Kogi State, including infrastructural development, education, healthcare, and youth empowerment. He highlighted Melaye’s passionate advocacy for grassroots development and his commitment to uplift the lives of the less privileged.

“Dino Melaye has consistently shown compassion and dedication towards the upliftment of our people,” Prince Ibinayin remarked. “As a philanthropist myself, I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy. I trust in his vision to create a Kogi State where residents enjoy equal opportunities, superior infrastructure, and a thriving economy.”

Acknowledging that the decision lies in the hands of the electorate, Prince Ibinayin urged his fellow citizens to carefully consider the potential benefits of electing Melaye as governor. He stressed the need for unity and emphasized that Melaye’s leadership would prioritize the well-being and progress of every individual, irrespective of their tribe, religion, or social status.

“I beseech you all, the good citizens of Kogi State, to come together and stand tall for progress and prosperity,” Prince Ibinayin appealed. “Let us leave behind our differences and rally behind Dino Melaye’s aspiration, ensuring that our great state never regrets this significant decision.”

Prince Ibinayin’s endorsement has garnered attention across the state, generating discussions and debates about the potential impact of Melaye’s leadership. As Kogi State gears up for the upcoming elections, citizens eagerly await the opportunity to cast their votes and shape the future of their state.

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