Kogi Speaker Goofed-Okun Development Initiative

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Our attention has been drawn to the speech made by the Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly at the Government House yesterday. In the video that has already gone viral, the Speaker asks your Excellency to, if possible, look for someone from the Central to succeed you.This is rather unfortunate and unpatriotic. We condemn this speech and dissociate ourselves from the wish and aspirations of the Speaker as this was borne out of his selfish pecuniary motive.

We hereby dissociate ourselves from the opinion of the Speaker, who has not only misrepresented the good people of Okun nation, but has at best, misfired.

On behalf of the good people of Okunland, we wish to state categorically that the opinion expressed in support of another governor in the year 2024 by Speaker Kolawole is selfishly motivated, ill conceived and represents the narrow mindedness of an untutored and uncultured Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly. Our position is Okunman For Governor in the year 2024.

For Okun Development Initiative (ODI)

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