KOGI STATE: A LAND OF FRUSTRATION! Election of Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi As Governor, A Reliable Antidote

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And there is a Land of Frustration. It is a place that breeds everything that is bad.

On that land, resources are under utilized, hence, there is no appreciable social, political and economic growth and development. Rather, what we have are stagnation and massive destruction of human capacity. It is a land where people are programmed to fail. The usual behavioural pattern of the inhabitants of the land of frustration is to embark on a pull down syndrome.

What Happens On The Land of Frustration?

The land of frustration has an irresponsible and highly unorganized government in place. Within the rank and file of those who govern the land of frustration are harsh and high handed people who are ever prepared to work against the collective interest of the people.

The land under consideration is laced with poverty. There is the predominant presence of physical poverty as well as poverty of ideas. It is a place where evil counselors serve as agents of government, sometimes posing as Special Assistants and Special Advisers.

The common features of this land are, failed land, failed government. This is consequently introducing untold hardship to lives, hopes and aspirations of citizens of this land.

Kogi State is a land of frustration where Civil Servants are caged, and sometimes frustrated out office for embarking on legitimate demands. Opposition to the administration of Kogi State is an invitation to a brutal repression of ideas in solidarity with the government of the day.

It is in Kogi State that Civil Servants wallow in abject poverty and government appointees swim in opulence.

Kogi State cannot afford a repeat of the cluelessness and directionless government of the last seven(7) years. Something needed be done and urgently too, to salvage Kogi state from the hands of the present task masters. Otherwise, darkness will sooner than later becloud, overwhelm and consequently overtake the state.

What Do We Do?

Dr. Bolufemi is Here
Development is Here

We need a person of the calibre of Dr. Bolu to govern Kogi State.


For eighteen (18) years running, Dr. Bolufemi has lived and worked in Kogi State. He has interacted sufficiently enough to know Kogites. Bolu has a vision to industrialize Kogi State. According to him, “my vision is to create a world class industrialized state where women are empowered and the youth gainfully employed.

Bolu indeed has a mission to fulfil in Kogi State as the chief executive officer. He vowed to build and sustain a state with a vibrant economy, designed to serve the interest of the people. He envisage a state in which good governance, market focused and transparent institutions combined to enthrone a free and discernable society that will guarantee equity, justice and equal opportunity for all citizens.

In Bolu’s words, “my mission is to transform Kogi State into an economically viable, industrialized, secure, politically stable, culturally diverse society, where social harmony and the rule of law are not only established, but fully observed according to the international best practices.

How Does Bolu Hope To Achieve His Transformation Agenda?

Dr. Bolufemi hopes to till the ground and brings out the Gold to develop Kogi State.

He will make it his iron- resolve to make a foundamental break with past mistakes in order to realize the optimum potentials of the State. According to Bolu, “it is our iron-resolve to build a qualitatively better society based on the principles of democracy, human rights and social justice under the umbrella of the rule of law.

Comrade Temitope Olufemi aka Omo Segun Eleyin writes from Mopa, Kogi State.

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